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Don't Blame the retailer.... Almost 60% of every litre goes to the Government

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the IPRA?

The IPRA is a trade body for petrol retailers offering support and representation addressing needs of our members and to assist their businesses in a wide number of areas.

2. Who Are the IPRA

A group of individuals with many years of experience and in depth knowledge of the oil industry across Ireland.

3. Why should I join

IPRA is open to any retail operator who sells fuel in Ireland and trades legitimately. There are numerous membership benefits that give IPRA members’ an advantage over competitors including; pricing information, group scheme discounts and access to a Quality Assurance Scheme.

4. Can you give examples of the possible savings on offer?

We have agreed group schemes with Arachas Insurance and have saved members €000’s of euros on insurance renewal.

5. How do I take advantage of this information and savings?

By joining IPRA you will become eligible for any savings agreed with our corporate associates. CLICK HERE for an application form.

6. Who makes up the organisation?

Petrol retailers from all over Ireland. At present we have over 450 sites in membership. This means we are taken seriously by Government and allows us to put forward structured arguments on proposed excise duty changes and other legislative changes as we are seen to represent the trade.