Try and avoid hard acceleration and braking. The harder you accelerate and brake, the more fuel you burn, so go easy on the pedals.

Driving at a slower and constant speed can dramatically cut your fuel bill.

Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure. Over inflated or under inflated tyres means they wear out quicker and may affect your fuel consumption.

Tiredness is a major cause of accidents. Make sure you stay alert and if you feel tired at all, make sure you stop at a station, have a coffee and a rest before resuming your journey.

Try to avoid travelling at rush hour as sitting in traffic jams wastes fuel.

Make sure you check your oil level regularly to avoid breakdown.

IPRA Fuel Consumption Tips

1. Tip 1

If it is only a short distance to travel, consider whether you need to use your car for the journey.

2. Tip 2

You can save fuel and money by keeping an eye on your speed when travelling. Travelling at 80kmph uses 25% to 30% less fuel than travelling 120 kmph.

3. Tip 3

Turn off the engine if stationary for 2 minutes or more but make sure your vehicle is reliable – you don’t want to be unable to restart your engine.

4. Tip 4

Avoid accelerating and braking sharply. They lead to high fuel consumption and may be dangerous.